In The Words Of Clients

I was looking for therapy I needed and found The HOPE Studio. I have grown through my development process so much. My grief process has continued the greatly improved. HOPE Studio is a place I feel safe comfortable and free to ask for help and to grow and be successful in my journey.

I've tried traditional therapy but it wasn't until I discovered HOPE studio that I found the catalyst to long-lasting changes in my life. The environment AmyLynn has created feels like a second home where I feel safe to be vulnerable and discover the strengths that were in me all along. As a creative person, going to therapy used to induce anxiety but after trying music and art therapy I feel excited and inspired before and after each session. Going to HOPE is one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself.

GIM has profoundly transformed my life in a short amount of time. Since starting with AmyLynn I have gained healing, wisdom, and freedom. I have released old harmful beliefs, gained more courage to show up in my life, and become a truer more beautiful version of myself. AmyLynn is simply fabulous. I leave our sessions feeling lighter, seen, safe, and heard. Her work is invaluable, life-changing, and vitally important during this time when the world could desperately use more hope. I would recommend AmyLynn and GIM to anyone who wants to live with more freedom and happiness.

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