Therapeutic Music Support Services: Hypnocounseling

Supportive Music & HypnoCounseling Sessions

with Matt Mintz, CADC-I, C. Ht.

What is HypnoCounseling? Working with Hypnotherapist and Counselor Matt Mintz is such a unique experience, he had to create his own genre just to describe it. Matt comes to H.O.P.E. with extensive experience as a drug/alcohol counselor, chaplain, child educator, hypnotherapist, spiritual enthusiast, musician and family man. Combining all of his skills he has created a process that includes interactive music experiencing, progressive relaxation, mindfulness, breathing instruction, meditation, movement and most importantly counseling suited to your individual needs.

In his own words Matt describes his approach like this:

Twenty percent of your mind is conscious (what you know you know). Eighty percent is subconscious (what you know, but aren’t usually aware of). Enjoyable, long-lasting change cannot occur without buy-in from both parts.

You will identify what is going right in your life, because you cannot build positive change on negative foundations. Then, with guidance and support, you will identify what you want, or want more of in your life, how you want to act, feel and ultimately who you want to be.

Sessions with Matt are a minimum of one hour and are scheduled by appointment only.  

Need to schedule an appointment? Contact Matt by phone or email below.

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