Connection through Music

Music Therapy for Children & Families

H.O.P.E. Therapeutic Arts Wellness Studio offers Music Therapy services for children and adolescents facing complications from Autism, physical, developmental or intellectual challenges, and behavioral health struggles.

Music Therapy is an interactive, scientific process that strives to achieve non-musical goals. It is not a music lesson or music entertainment. Our clinicians attend to a multitude of need areas such as improving social skills, increasing self-esteem, healthy coping mechanisms, sensorimotor skills, decrease in pain perception, and much more.


We offer therapeutic family enrichment groups

Our music therapy for family groups are constantly changing. Please check our groups or calendar page or contact AmyLynn for availability.

Individual Sessions for Children

Individuals are treated distinctively, with their specific needs in mind. Treatment plans and interventions utilized are unique and range from song and lyric writing/listening to instrument playing to help clients achieve their goals.

Individual sessions last approximately an hour and are scheduled by appointment only.

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