2020. I say it now, and perhaps you are already cringing, crying or even cursing the universe (I know I am!). 2020 has impacted every single one of us in innumerable ways. Among these impacts, I believe we all can share the side effect of loss. This year, we have all lost something in the midst of 2020’s mayhem: jobs, homes, time, happiness, love and for those who have lost loved ones, I say, you are in my prayers.

Although 2020 may feel like it holds an unknown power, a power that seems to have complete control over our lives, we mustn’t give it power to destroy the one thing that we all have that we can choose to hold onto: hope. Let’s not add to the list of loss of 2020 this vital phenomenon we all need to get us through. Hope is something we can keep in our hearts so we may use it in our daily routine. Hope has the power to see us through this darkness of a year, into the embrace of something different, better and renewed.

I’d like to propose something to you all. You may take it or leave it, but I can only hope that it will help you and give you comfort and peace. Instead of focusing on a New Year’s resolution, or perhaps in conjunction with one, remind yourself that hope is among the things that cannot be taken away from you. A reminder can be in the form of painting a picture; writing a poem or letter; listening or playing music; calling a friend or loved one; taking a familiar walk; taking a moment to rest; making your favorite dish; participating in charitable work – whatever your reminder looks like, allow yourself to take that reminder. In that moment, remember to meditate on hope. Hope that today is today and it is something we have, right now. Hope that we will work on not allowing ourselves to ruminate on the past and to ensure we do not spend too much time worrying about tomorrow.

None of this is easy, and I can personally attest some days are less successful than others. On those not-so-easy days (which there may be quite a lot), and you are yearning for support to help channel your hope, we are always here for you. Now is the time to lift each other up and support one another. Our Studio is built upon that principle, and if you or someone you know needs this, please reach out.

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