An Alternative Kind of Healing

What are Holistic Offerings?

At H.O.P.E. we offer Whole HeARTed Wellness, which means we approach healing with a focus on the whole person, not just certain parts. Included in our definition of the arts is any modality that addresses transformation from the inside out and connects mind, body and spirit. We offer holistic education lectures and interactive experiences and can assist with scheduling individual practitioners for integrative needs.

Holistic Registry Events

H.O.P.E. is pleased to host The Inland Empire Holistic Registry events several times per month. The Holistic Registry is a network of Inland Empire health
and wellness practitioners organized by Tina Foran. Through a diverse range of
education and experiential events, the Holistic Registry typically meets
several Friday evenings per month in Redlands and seeks to assist you in
finding the right combination of holistic and spiritual supports on your life
journey.  See what’s on the Redlands calendar:

Find out about all of Holistic Registry events here: https://holisticregistry.com/

Other Interactive Holistic Offerings

We host interactive holistic educational experiences with everything from essential oils to healing with healthy cooking. Check our events calendar for the latest offerings. Interested in sharing your special skill set at H.O.P.E.? 

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