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Q: How did you start your painting career?
A: I live in Yucaipa but grew up in Redlands and strive to be very active in both art communities. My first experience with showing my work publicly was the Yucaipa Music & Arts festival in 2012. The passion grew from there extending to various local festivals & exhibitions & joining multiple art associations which opened the door to many opportunities & meeting other local artists.

Q: What are your greatest sources of inspiration for your artwork?
A: My daughter Morgan & my husband Henry are my greatest inspirations. I have many pieces that relate directly to them, some with their actual depiction and others that relate to them in a metaphorical & emotional way.

Q: How does your work impact the Redlands/local community?
A: I’d like to think my work has had an impact on the community. Much of my work is intended to uplift & instill positivity & hope. I’ve donated work for auction or raffle to various non-profit organizations such as The Redlands Bowl, Kimberly Crest, Yucaipa VisionQuest & the American Heart Association. I also volunteer my time as a board member for Yucaipa VisionQuest & Red Dirt Art Festival.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of having a career that is also your passion?
A: Although art is not my full-time job, I do make the time to keep it an integral part of my life…it feeds my soul. I’m blessed to have worked at Redlands Print & Design for over 20 years, which has provided a way to produce quality prints of my work & also meet many other local artists in the community, many of whom are now my friends.

Q: How do the arts influence your well-being and growth as an individual?
A: Art has been my solace, my therapist, my way to express myself in a way that has led me through personal crisis, health issues & the anxiety & stress of everyday life.

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