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Q: How did you start your painting career?
A: My painting career started my senior year of college at the University of Redlands as I finished my bachelor’s degree in Music. I took a beginner paint class and began to fall in love with the freedom and expression that painting allowed me. Painting became a huge outlet for me to heal and share my story with others. Growing up I spent a tremendous amount of time drawing, illustrating, photographing, playing instruments, and being involved in theater. It wasn’t until two years after graduating college where I decided to pursue my paint career full time and put my heart and soul into it.

Q: What are your greatest sources of inspiration for your artwork?
A: My greatest visual source of inspiration for my art comes from the beautiful surrounding mountains and deserts in Southern California and my love for nostalgia, sci-fi, and pop culture. But, overall the deepest inspirations for my art come from my passion for mental health awareness and awareness for C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Dissociation, Derealization, and Maladaptive Daydreaming are core themes of my art and inspire the familiar worlds I paint.

Q: How does your work impact the Redlands/local community?
A: As an emerging artist in Redlands, I hope that my impact on the community is awareness of C-PTSD through the beauty of my Dreamscapes. I want others to feel a connection to my paintings and the sense of safety that my inner worlds have given me. There is a sincere sense of nostalgia and comfort that comes from my paintings that anyone from the Inland Empire, and Redlands itself, can connect to. 

Q: What is the most rewarding part of having a career that is also your passion?
A: The most rewarding part of having my career and passion aligned is feeling a sense of peace and comfort in knowing that what I do has an impact on others and myself. Being able to connect with other people who have similar stories and experiences that also appreciate my art and its message is incredibly healing. I feel greatly aligned to a purpose that I love. Each challenge that working as an Artist brings to me becomes a great driver for my passion and commitment to what I do.

Q: How do the arts influence your well-being and growth as an individual?
A: The arts have had an incredible impact on my growth as an individual and I feel grateful to have been able to experience so many different forms and mediums of art. Throughout my life, the arts have been an anchor for me in times of trauma and have allowed me to keep hope alive and renew my passion for life. The arts also allow me to continually challenge myself, my perspective, and my own skills. Through painting, I feel lucky to connect with other people in such a unique and personal way.

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