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Art that Brings HOPE

When Art finds its stride it inspires, uplifts, and stirs. As a “hope bringer” my definition of what it means to offer hope to others continues to expand. When I’m not in my role as Music Therapist or Studio Proprietor I create mixed-media art works designed to regenerate the hope building process. Hope is a verb, or at least I think it should be – a living, breathing action that needs replenishing to stay fresh. Beliefs systems and spiritual practices vary as much as the people that observe them, but everyone can benefit from strengthening their hope muscle.

My intention in offering Hope Art is to provide therapeutic tools for healing or sustainment that are either interactive or exist as a reminder to engage in your own renovation. In a world that doesn’t always prioritize Mental Health, I personally believe that this is needed, to ease suffering, to promote joy, to affirm that hope is abundant. Be a force for good, bring hope.

Hope Art is featured periodically in our Healing Art Gallery and is available at the studio or through our online portal.

AmyLynn Dimaano, Hope Artist

What is a HOPE Chest?

A Hope Chest is a place to write down something that has increased
your HOPE, touched your heart, or needs encouragement.
Use it to grow your faith, offer yourself a lift and collect positivity.
You can also put fears and worries in here to give them away
and let something greater than yourself handle them.
Someday soon you might re-read them
and inspire yourself
as you see that everything works out as it should.

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