Pieces of H.O.P.E.

October 16 – 30, 2021

Through a breath of eclecticism, mixed media and multicultural approaches, the artists have created a space that has a variety of unique styles and features that, when analyzed as a whole, can be seen as “one beating heart”. Each artist and their work have a distinctive message and meaning, which attests to the diversity within the gallery and enables each artist to have a sense of their own creative freedom. But when we start to bring each piece together, we can see the evocative nature of the space. We are able to explore the gallery space and have the opportunity to interpret meaning, connect with our own feelings and identify different levels of inspiration. 

Through engaging variations of symbolism and style, each piece truly signifies the essence of the gallery and of H.O.P.E. as a whole. When experienced as a wholly constructed exhibition, each artist’s story comes to life and provides the community with a moment to let the space move them and promote wellness through reflection. Ultimately, this space achieves a cathartic experience that we surely hope will last in our visitors’ hearts and minds for years to come. This exhibition serves as a resounding first heartbeat for the H.O.P.E. gallery, one that will set the tone for the many exhibitions to come.

Go-rilla, 2004

Dr. Arthur Berke

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