H.O.P.E. Healing Art Gallery

H.O.P.E. Therapeutic Arts Wellness Studio believes that the arts offer an unlimited source of healing, for individuals and for the community.

The Healing Art Gallery is both a physical and virtual wing of the studio. It presents and promotes works in all possible artistic mediums created primarily by local artists. They are designed to uplift, soothe, acknowledge personal struggles, and offer the promise of restoration. Our purpose is to raise the collective vibration using art, to increase connection and support for those who suffer, and to celebrate their triumphs. We encourage everyone from budding artists to seasoned professionals to join our fight against Mental Health stigma, to bring their light by partnering with us in whatever way seems most auspicious. We welcome community alliances and remain open-minded with the intention to be of service to anyone and everyone who could benefit from support.

In addition to traditional gallery installations, we offer artist spotlights that highlight their personal stories, interviews, local contests and interactive therapeutic experiences involving the works currently in-house.

What is Healing Art?

Quite literally, art designed to aid in the process of healing, not purposed for aesthetics. Research and common sense tell us that everything emotional eventually becomes physical, and often the reverse is true as well. Seekers of wellbeing cannot be limited to conventional medicine. It takes what it takes, and sometimes salve for the soul supersedes pragmatism. We invite to you to define your own healing organically, and to include all possibilities that will support holistic renewal. There is no right way, you are on the path, art can help.

A Message from the Art Gallery Manager

We invite the community to consider the H.O.P.E. Healing Art Gallery a respite: a space of safety and restoration. Our facility is literally an old, comfortable Victorian home, but we wish to extend the meaning past that, to include the feeling of coming home. During these unprecedented times we want you all to know there is still hope. The Gallery is a place to find relief and inspiration.

We offer art-making and mixed-media therapeutic workshops; local artist networking; healing art exhibition events; and so much more. Together we are stronger, so come connect, to yourself and others. I look forward to our journey together, and I am excited for you all to use the Gallery for your wellness and healing needs.

Danielle Baca, H.O.P.E. Healing Art Gallery Manager

Mental Health Awareness Month 2021 Healing Art Gallery Art-Walk

Managing our mental health is such a pivotal part in maintaining our total health and wellness. Our ability to manage this has been deeply affected by the events of 2020. With a pandemic that swept across the world, and many of the daily personal challenges we face year-to-year, 2020 has left many of us mentally struggling. Although in a literal sense 2020 is behind us, its legacy still remains in many of our lives.
We want to honor the way 2020 has made us feel; the ways in which the events of 2020 have changed our lives; and how it has impacted our mental health and wellness journeys. Join us in honoring our mental health – no matter what that may look like – and how 2020 has impacted your life. We invite local artists of all backgrounds to create something that reflects how this past year impacted you. Moreover, we invite you to also illustrate the ways you have remained resilient despite these challenges. 

Entry Guidelines

1. Artwork must reflect mental health awareness surrounding the impact of 2020 and/or stigmas associated with mental health.

2. Artists may submit older pieces within their portfolio, so long as they can relate it to the art-walk topic.

3. Artists must include a title (or specify the piece is untitled), year made, medium, size, and price (if applicable) with their piece. Artists that choose to use the event as a platform to sell their piece must complete a consignment form prior to the event. 

4. Artwork submitted must be original work. Pieces that include offensive language, inappropriate imagery, and/or racist/bigoted/homophobic ideologies will not be accepted. Our Studio is a safe space for folks of all backgrounds. 

5. Acceptable media include: photography, poetry, sculpture, paintings, mixed-media, and jewelry. We will not be providing accommodations for performative media at this time.

6. One entry per artist; entries must be submitted no later than Thursday, May 20th.

7. We will only be accepting the first 30 entries that meet all the above criteria

8. All artists must provide provisions for art installation (e.g. easels, mounts, platforms, props, tables etc.).

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are continuing to honor social distancing guidelines. Therefore, artwork will be set up with ample socially distanced space. Attendees and artists are encouraged to wear masks, maintain social distance, and sanitation essentials will be provided onsite. This event will be hosted outdoors for further health and safety precautions.* 



We are always looking for art that will help inspire, heal and improve the quality of life for people. If you have any kind of art that you feel would be a great addition to the H.O.P.E. Collection, please use the form below and tell us a little bit about it along with a picture.

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