What are Groups?

H.O.P.E. offers group experiences in various therapeutic art modalities, including Music Therapy, Supportive Music Counseling, Art Therapy, Movement, Mixed Mediums, Holistic Enrichment and so much more. If dis-ease and dis-order are sustained in dis-connection, the solutions have to include connection. Groups offer the opportunity to learn by watching, listening, hearing things in a different way. In H.O.P.E. groups, you will be held accountable in a loving way and given the chance to explore the forward, in concert with others also on healing paths. We invite you to deepen your wellness journey by engaging with others. When you attend a group you are offering service to others; you never know who needs to hear what you have to share. Be a part of the collective, Bring Hope.

Available Groups

Sound Bath

Check our calendar or our groups for the next scheduled event, or talk to AmyLynn about creating one that will work for your schedule (allow at least 2 weeks so it can be advertised for others to join).

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