Whole HeARTed Wellness

H.O.P.E. Therapeutic Arts Wellness Center is a space for healing and cultivating wellness: Mind, Body, and Spirit. We offer therapeutic groups and individual sessions that empower, support and enhance lives using music, art, movement and holistic modalities.

We house the first of its kind: a healing arts gallery. Primarily featuring the works of local artists, our gallery presents their unique stories with the intention of inspiring the healing processes of others.

Our mission is to offer clinically effective alternative approaches to life challenges and to diminish the stigmas associated with recovery using the holistic and healing arts.

The Story ofH.O.P.E.

Hope was an orange and cream colored kitten that took up residence in my backyard during a time of personal struggle. He became a symbol of starting over, of divine intervention, of promise.

Unexpectedly, tragedy took him to Spirit, and I again lost my hope. In the depths of despair, though, I learned again how to cultivate soul resilience. I learned that hope would come again, and again, and again if I could learn to ask for, and accept guidance and support.

Hope’s vision lives in the walls of this building. If you look closely, you’ll see his whiskers around unexpected corners and feel inspired to rebuild and carry the message to others in the community.

Together we get better.

come to h.o.p.e. to get well or stay wellOur Special Team

Our grand vision in creating a healing space where alternative methodologies can thrive is to serve the community of Redlands and surrounding areas, and fulfill previously unmet needs.

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